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Through participation in sports and different games, students learn co-operation, team work, leadership & time- management. Apart from this it increases their physical & mental endurance by sharpening their mind & reflexes. We provide an opportunity to our students to pursue any sport of their interest from the following:- Basket ball, Volley Ball, Cricket , Badminton, Tennis and Football.

Cricket Ground
This ground is not just a playfield but a workshop where character is shaped. This popular sport helps to develop character and pick up the priceless values of sportsmanship. Besides, who knows, our excellent coaching programme may even produce a state or national level player.

Systematic coaching and regular inter house matches as well as inter-school tournaments keep the interest at high pitch.

Students receive expert coaching and eagerly take part in volleyball tournaments in and outside the school.

Football ground
The sprawling football field inspires students to come and play the game. Organised coaching and hard work contributes towards their spirited participation in local tournaments.